Thursday, January 31, 2013

Walking with God.

God has always been my next door neighbor.

I have lived twenty years of my life being neighbors with God but never have I yet greeted my own neighbor. Sometime around this time last year, I decided to approach my neighbor's doorsteps and introduce myself.

Of course, God being our creator, he already knew whom his neighbors were from the beginning of time. I decided to step up to the doormat anyways with little confidence.

God will always have open arms for those who reach out to him and he took me in without asking any questions and gave his full attention to me so that he could listen to my story.

Now remember, God is an all-knowing God and he created every individual with his hands, he knows our life stories by heart. I wasn't able to pour out all my worries, burdens, and complaints to a neighbor I just met.

Roughly has been half a year, that I am standing where I am today because of one neighbor who warmly welcomed me inside.

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