Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Dreams?

I really didn't know what I would make of this blog.

I don't know if I will continue this blog but here goes.

Current updates:

- I am back in Washington State [much rather not be here].
- Studying at Tacoma Community College.
- Planning on transferring to UCLA [if I ever get accepted].
- Will major in Human Biology and Society B.A.
   and maybe double in Communication Studies
      [both impacted majors @ UCLA].

As for Veterinary Dreams... that is long gone down the drain.

I threw mathematics and science [some parts] down the drain too.

There is no way I am compatible with high-level math courses && science courses.
       [Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry+]

thought becoming a Registered Dietitian [RD] was the coolest idea ever.
thought wrong.

I did some basic research and found out half the people's comments I read on a blog... were disappointed to have gone through such extensive internships and college degrees... to end up working in a clinical environment; unsatisfied.

That's definitely not what I want.

I have been trying to figure out which exact career path I want to take but decided,  I don't have to focus on one path!

can do many different ones that lead to the same "destination".
There are back-roads && shortcuts for a reason right?

Michael Pollan is probably one of my most searched names on Google these days.  I don't know much about him but was willing to search for his biographywhat he does, and why he wrote books!

I am such a creep but just reading one article in my English class led to [unintentionally]  reading a published book by Michael Pollan called The Omnivore's Dilemma later down the road.

(Side note: the article from Pollan and book was from two different English classes and even crazier is, one course was from California and one is here in Washington State).

What? My English 101 class here at Tacoma Community College... is reading a book about food?

That is correct!
I can not be any more happier to have stumbled upon this English class with it's inconvenient class timing.

I just signed up because it said in the course description, "food theme-based".

OH YEA! That's right! I love food. I have always but if it is going to be any class with the word food involved... you bet I would take it!

I don't like EATING THE FOOD... I mean I do...but that's not why I enjoy about food.

Food makes me thinkWhere did it come from?

[JUST KIDDING, I don't care where it comes from! As long as it tastes good! Not really... after starting to read The Omnivore's Dilemma... Pollan got me thinking about where my  delicious meats come from... to find out that it isn't so delicious anymore].

I apologize for this post being so long. I just had so much to catch up on.

In my future posts, I will write about my other two classes that I am QUITE ENJOYING.

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