Saturday, February 23, 2013

My week was tough. Was it?

I have not been posting lately. I did not know what to post about. At first, this blog was not leaning too much towards religious postings but more of my life. I think I will keep a good mixture.

God has been working through me continuously throughout this Saturday morning.

I am so glad to be alive right now and serving the Lord to help others.

As of right now, I registered for my Spring Quarter classes yesterday morning! I had to pray about which classes to take. Hopefully, God guided me and I made the right choices.

I am still hesitant on what I want to major in. I think God gave me a clearer understanding this morning.

I was leaning towards Communication Studies. More towards social media. I am excited to announce that God has highlighted/emphasized that path. I was wondering what was in it for me... to stick around on Facebook other than to get attention from friends.

I joined two groups on Facebook that have to do with Christian encouragement/inspirations and a prayer group. I thought I would only be reading through them and moving on. I thought wrong. I had been glued to the group for the past two hours!!

Now, it seems like wasting more than thirty minutes could result in a "you have no life". Fortunately, I have been serving others without even recognizing. At church, I learned that we must love others and serve others.  I served others by reaching out a "imaginary" hand to those who posted prayer requests and through the help of God, I was able to give them words of encouragement and wisdom?

I even shed tears through some posts I came across this morning! God is alive and he is working in my life.

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