Friday, March 1, 2013

Mixed Signals.

March 1st.

I decided to go vegetarian or is it pescetarian?
I plan on eating fish...can't take my beloved sushi out of my life!
I did not plan it out extensively but decided on a whim. I have a final paper for my English 101 class that will be written on vegetarianism too. I find it helpful to use my own trial run at being a vegetarian

On the other hand, something has been going on with my health that has been deteriorating. I can say with a 95% accuracy that I know exactly how my colds work. I have only gotten a cold maybe a handful of times without the presence of my sister. She is the 99% cause of my colds. When she gets it, I just automatically catch it. Trust me, I have tried different ways to catch someone else's colds and it does not work. My first two days of symptoms are sore throat and runny nose. The 3rd day and sometimes the 4th day, it ends with coughing. The end

But not this time! I have been sick for almost 3 weeks now. What?! Crazy, I know right? I think I have a cold but I cannot be too sure. I had the sore throat, the runny nose, but no coughing... only lots of phlegm. Gross

On top of my 3 weeks of sickness, I have chronic teeth pain. I say chronic because something is always wrong with my teeth. Whether it be three root canals, a wisdom tooth pulled, cavities, and what not.

 I decided to wait till the other three wisdom teeth grows out so I can get them pulled. I do not like the idea of getting them surgically removed. I have held in an enormous amount of patience with my toothaches. One time, I even took thirty capsules of Advil... in less than 24 hours. I did not think about what that much pain reliever could do to my body. Surprised that I am still alive?

Starting two nights ago, I wanted to stay off the pain killers and go natural. I don't know why but all I could and want to do was pray to God that he will heal me. I have no medical insurance nor have I ever. My dad and I cannot afford dental bills... with our current situation. The only thing I really can do is pray.

I could not get up for school yesterday nor go to work at all. I was stuck at home all day. In bed [with the occasion of taking a potty]. I think I only ate a muffin and rice with sausages. Somehow, I was able to wake up today and get to school. I want to say I feel normal again but there is a constant throbbing in the back of my mouth.

I just pray, God will heal me. 

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