Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Big Things Are Happening.

Usually, that phrase is used when "GOOD" things are happening.

Not so much in my case. It has been close to a month since I blogged on here.

Where to start... well, I am homeless... as of almost two weeks, I started my new job close to two weeks ago also, I'm living at a friend's family's house... which isn't the most comfortable setting... I have my ups and down... the list could go on and on ...

RIDICULOUS. That is my number one word I use these days. It fits every situation I am going through.


My life is RIDICULOUS.

This old grandma of my friend's is RIDICULOUS.

Me being homeless and having to support my sister is RIDICULOUS.

I just turned 21, should be having the highlight of my life, and I am trying to work my ass off to make a living is RIDICULOUS.

How far can this go? Things are so bad for me right now... I don't even know... what to do anymore.

In any other situation, I would have complained saying "I want to just die" but then again... it would be such a waste... to give up my precious life I worked so hard for.

I'm not going to throw it all away, I will work harder until I reap my own rewards.

This post is more of a rant... I will update later... when there is some good news.

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