Monday, June 24, 2013

June; half the year has gone.

Can you believe it?! It's the last week of JUNE! Half the year... passed already. It seems just like yesterday, that my life problems started.

It seems like I am always complaining about my problems but isn't that what I do best? Complain about my problems? Just kidding, I just use this blogging site to express myself!

When people ask, how have you been? I wish I could be simple as everyone else and say, "good, how about you?" but at the same time... it's such a default phrase to use! When people ask me, I pause for a few seconds and say, "I've had my ups and downs but I think it's getting better". Then, there is a look of shock on their faces when I say that, maybe they are shocked I didn't just stick to the "I'm good, and you?" it's so BORING.

I think... people who say "good" ... either don't want to talk to me... or they just have nothing better to say.
Why can't people step outside of the sandbox and venture out a little? Why is it always, "good"? I am sure they have PLENTY things going on to strike a different phrase! Boring people, exhaust me!

I like to be different.

I would say things are going quite steady in my life right now, which is nice to hear [in my head anyways].

Scrolling through Twitter in my bed, I came across a post written about signs of BIPOLAR disorder... what the... who would have ever known... that I would check of 3/4 odd signs? Hehe, I guess I am bipolar... with all the other "accessory" traits... of mine I have.

That's exactly what I am talking about! Accessory traits... no one wants to really be OCD, be in chronic depression, mood swings, and stuff! [yes, I just said STUFF]. Those are all accessories. Not everyone like to "dress up" in accessories. If you don't think a certain necklace or earrings go with your outfit, then DON'T wear it.

Yeah yeah, I am sure there are people who are stubborn as I am who might say, "but I HAVE TO wear it"

[By the way, hope I didn't lose anyone yet with this analogy]...

You don't have to wear anything you don't want unless it's tattoo'ed on you... which means, you don't HAVE TO be depressed, you don't HAVE TO be angry...sad...happy [putting on a fake smile] all the time...

Anyone is allowed to CHOOSE which accessories they want to wear with their outfit [could be the mood you're in or just your lifestyle, whatever floats your boat].

Habits, are quite hard to break too which could be dangerous when adding too many "accessories" to your outfit (:

I think, I have overwhelmed myself throughout the years, by adding TOO MANY accessories... on top of my already toppling over mountain of accessories I wear on myself. I just don't know how to take them off, that's my issue.

I just keep hoarding these emotional accessories... ONTO me... without learning how to compromise by taking some off and replacing with new ones, better ones.

But then again, I am the one who also holds onto ... past memories, the good ones, about certain people and cannot accept them for who they are in this present day. I want to just hold onto what we used to have... I don't want to accept that you have changed... for the worse... yet I am the only one who keeps getting hurt in the end. I keep letting myself get hurt... by the ones I love [who I also thought loved me back].

In the end, too many accessories will weigh you down, give you neck-aches, back-aches, whatever-aches, OH! HEART-ACHES [high five to myself].

Go take them off!

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