Monday, September 30, 2013

Patience is key.

It's been months since I last posted and prayed about my life problems but I just wanted to share with everyone this:

It' has been over a year since I had saved up a few thousand dollars since I've been working at part time jobs and helping my dad support the family. Since then, my dad has borrowed portions of my money little by little and in the end he ended up leaving me empty handed. He emptied my pockets and I was left with nothing. He had moved to a different state to start a fresh life [going through mid-life crisis x10] and I lived with a friend for a month and a half at a new job trying to save enough to move into my own apartment. Thanks to God and prayer I was able to achieve my goal into getting my own place. Ever since May, I have been living paycheck to paycheck. I always grew up with enough "padding" in my savings account to not fret or worry about not having enough money. But these past months have been very stressful since after all the bills go out, I would be left with $10-20 and have to start over each month to earn $1000+ that goes out each month...

I kept stressing over how I don't have any "padding" in my savings account except the $300 my dad had sent me, since then, I still have yet to "pad" it further since I am busy buying necessities which lead to no leftover money to put into my savings.

Although I stressed and had a grudge on my dad taking my money and leaving me empty handed, karma doesn't always have to have to be negative. While my dad took my money in the past, his low income has helped me receive a refund for financial aid at school. I have been granted $1300 back on top of the $1400 that had been paid for tuition [through financial aid]. I had been so shocked, I almost ... had a panic attack haha. The "padding" I wanted had come through, God had been listening and preparing me for this. All I had to do is wait because God is ultimately in control.

God has taught me by waiting, that even without a large sum of money sitting in my bank account, that he provides- without a savings account "padding" God has provided  a roof to live under, food to keep full, and even allowed me to spoil myself with a few new things from time to time. If I were not taught patience in this situation, I would have probably spent that large amount of money on materialistic pleasures. But now, I definitely know it's a sign that it goes STRAIGHT to my savings account. No touchy. I have enough without it to support myself as I have been these past few months.

AMEN to our loving God <3

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