Friday, April 4, 2014

Love is in the Air?

Where? I need to find me some love! ~ 

I know I know, of all people I should know better than to be a total sap for Hollywood designed love stories that are not realistic.

I just finished the finale of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, I didn't like the beginning it was super boring and slow but this ending!!! was so BEAUTIFUL.

I even watched Frozen earlier for the first time [properly] and wow... today is just all about love isn't it? I feel like love is in the air! Oh, maybe I Should watch another movie full of love. TEEHEE. I feel like a child again.

Okay, let's go back to reality... I'm in my warm cozy blankies writing this entry and... completely ... let's not go there.

So... as I always like to wonder, "What is love?
"Some people are worth melting for."

When you think of finding "the one" or maybe a "soulmate" in a Christian perspective, we are not to be obsessively looking for the one we are to be with forever but to focus first on God's love for us and he will bring us our "soulmate" eventually in His timing.

It's pretty bad when you watch so many chick-flicks and melodramas that revolve around the idea of love and you just sit there... alone. Wondering when your Prince Charming will come find you right?

I was in my own bubble when it came to avoiding reality about love. People would tell me to snap out of it and that the expectations I held were not practical nor real. I expected my own version of a Prince Charming in shining armor to come save me as a damsel in distress. Of all the Disney princesses out there, what kind of girl doesn't imagine which shoes she would fit in? Till this day, Belle is my most favorite and at one point in my life I thought I might have a love story like hers but not anymore. Maybe Ariel? Or even Cinderella

But you know what? God created us in his special way. Each one of us unique in every way. God has a love story for me too! It just isn't time to open it up yet. I have to be patient and wait for Him. 

Sighs, I'm a girl too though. When I already see friends that are in relationships, getting engaged, or married... it makes me wonder if God has forgotten me? Then again, in all honesty- I am most definitely not ready for a relationship. There's a few more steps I have to take before I could even take on such a challenge. For now, I should be enjoying my singleness.

Somewhere out there, God has my Prince Charming probably on his journey to find me! That isn't to say that he has to do all the work. Of course not! God wants a relationship to be planted in Him first and being closer to God means getting closer to my Prince Charming as well. 

Now, I just feel like I am ranting. I am just absorbed in Frozen's song: Let It Go~ 
"The cold [A.K.A. love] never bothered me anyway".

La La La

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