Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ah, it's been so long! I feel like it's always been forever

But I am here to announce:

So I made a bold move and quit my job and unfortunately I had to let go of my volunteering work at an elementary school teaching 1st graders how to read.

I have been stressed so much that I just can't do anything anymore. My body is physically deteriorating and I can barely get out of bed. It's getting so hard for me yet I'm the bread winner of the family.

My dad has been laid off for months, my sister barely makes anything and my mom is undergoing surgery soon and struggles within the work field because she has no experience (also moved back to Korea).

I tried to balance full-time school, almost full-time hours at work, and volunteering. 

I've been living this lifestyle since I was young and never focused on myself nor did I ever take care of myself. I finally decided, I need to start taking care of myself if I want to get married in the future, have my own children and start my future career.

I'm scared because I won't be able to work and make money to be financially stable but I do have some money saved up for now. I am also moving to a different state in 3 months which is a concern, financially.

I'm also excited because I finally will have free time to focus on school, pick up that pencil/ paintbrush again to create art (I've been rusty for over 10 years). To work on my mag. clipping art, jigsaw puzzles, I have so much to catch up on! I have to make tons of kandi for EDC and Paradiso too.

Please, keep me in your prayers <3

-One step closer to my happiness-

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