Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Foodie 4 Lyfe.

My previous post was about how I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life right?

Well, 10 seconds after I posted that piece... I realized "DUH!" food.

I consider myself as a foodie.

So what did my little eager-thinking brain do? Google it of course.

Now, I've researched my way towards careers involving food before. I even went back to the beginning of this blog to see how indecisive I have been over the past few years on what I wanted to become when I grew up. According to this blog, I left off at wanting to be a RD but quit as soon as I realized how science-math related it was.

In case I come back crawling to this post to see where I was at in a few months or years. I wanted to make note of what I was thinking at this moment.

I am currently reading this article that discusses "top 10 jobs for foodies", I'm going to finish reading it and make a list of which are most appealing to me.

10. Food Stylist [self-explanatory]
9. Food Educator [teaching children; naturally drawn to gardening and cooking]
8. Food Entrepreneur [creating new foods]

6. Food Writer/Blogger [passionate about food && writing]

2. Nutritionist ["culinary knight in shining armor"]

Well there you have it, out of 10, these are the ones I found most delectable. I mean, interesting.

Now I'm going to make a tally chart of how many times I come across a certain "title" that catches my eyes:

Food Critic/Writer [xxx]
Nutritionist [xx]
Baker/Pastry Chef [xx]

Hmm, so it looks like these are my top 3 winners. Not too surprised since these are probably the 3 I constantly think of when it comes to careers in the food industry that would suit me well. Not bad at all.

*Another thing to keep in mind, studying nutrition via degree route involves a lot more heavy science-based courses whereas certification programs are more towards "practical" nutritional education.

From this point on, what I need to is: whenever I hesitate on what I want to do in life or like to do in life --> focus on the word "food". I want to eat food, I want to make food, I want to work with food, I want to write about food, I want to take pictures of food. Food, food, and more food. I should basically stamp the word "food" on my forehead!

What would be the next step for me be?

Perhaps, make a foodie blog right?

Uh, yea... unfortunately I have thought of that idea many times over. However, I can't seem to get a grip on how I would structure such a blog. Maybe, that will be my homework.

Until next time,
XOXO Alekkz

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