Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hands In Pockets.

Sometimes, you get excited about the small things you hold in your hands within your pockets. 
Sometimes, you just want to show the world what you have. 
But, sometimes you should keep it to yourself and enjoy the moment while you can.

I learned a couple days ago, that sometimes you don't have to share with the world what makes you happy because the spotlight tends to be drawn away by other people who are curious as to how you achieved that happiness. 

Finding happiness is like a pot of gold, you know it's at the end of a rainbow but where does the rainbow end? 

If you let everyone know that you have a lead on that pot of gold, many others might try and take it from you first. 

Enjoy the moments while you can, let the distractions fade, and find your happiness. I also learned that happiness isn't a destination but rather an endless journey people seek. I have been experiencing a glimpse of what happiness feels like after all these years of searching and I would not trade it for the world! 

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