Friday, February 19, 2016

Happiness Is A Choice.

You're right, happiness is definitely a choice.

I feel that as a child, we grow up without the weight upon our shoulders of worry, stress, and pain. As we blow out more candles over the years, the more stress we pile on...

I have made some major sacrifices this past month in making the choice to create my happiness.

1. I am giving up the luxury of making a good money working elsewhere.
2. I am giving up more hours in my day to get paid less at a job to build experience.
3. I am not giving up the hope I have always held dear to my heart in achieving my dreams.

Why do I feel like the whole world is against me? Each time something good happens, bad news seems to always be right around the corner.


Scratch everything I wrote in the previous post below.

I decided to do some major brainstorming on working with the skills I have already rather than create a whole new pile of messes.

When it came down to creating pros and cons about myself... there weren't many pros at all.

One of the two things I am great at is: working with children. I have always had a heart for working with kids but those dreams were shot early on in my life when I got greedy with money and decided I wouldn't make a decent living working in that career field.

It was a long detour but in the end, beggars can't be choosers. I decided to let down my pride and start from the bottom up. I am extremely scatter-brained and think too much about what could happen when I should be focusing on what NEEDS to happen.

I recently got accepted for a beginner position at a preschool: teacher's assistant. It's not the most glamorous title but I only have a background in the restaurant industry so I have to start somewhere.

Hopefully, this will open up much more opportunities for me in the future and I am just going to take my time and see where this leads.

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