Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Lists.

I went to Urban Outfitters today.. thanks to my best friend who likes to shop there because I kind of don't like their style.

Being all nerdy and such, I ended up spending most of my time near the books they had on display.

One of them was called: 52 Lists for Happiness... unfortunately that book was way too pricey for my taste so instead I decided to take a picture of all 52 lists in the contents section.

That gave me an idea earlier on my way home and decided to flashback to our good ol' Myspace days, when we would fill out surveys/questionnaires and post them on our profiles.

I decided to choose 10 of the 52 lists to write out how I am currently feeling in my life! Sounds like fun, right? Plus, I can get my fingers warmed up for a little writing exercise!

Here we go!

1. List what makes you happy right now...

*What makes me happy? Well as of right now, I met my one and only soulmate as of recent and my life couldn't get any better than that! We also just got back from our first official trip together to SoCal and that was an amazing adventure even though we didn't do anything super elaborate.

Oh wait.. I'm suppose to make a list... I'm not in school.. I don't need to write short essays.

Okay, so .. let's see.. hmm..

*My soulmate
*Delilah (my mutt of a dog)
*Friends and family
*A place to call home (moving in one week)
* MY CLAWS! (jk.. acrylic nails... thanks babe)
*The roses in front of me from our trip

3. List the things that you are really good at

*Shopping-Sales & Deals
*Being random

5. List the best choices you have made in your life so far

*Overcoming suicidal thoughts
*Adopting Delilah
*Meeting my soulmate
*Never giving up

8. List all the little things you like to do that don't involve technology

*Quality time with Delilah
*Holding hands with my soulmate
* Eating delicious food
*Going for walks
*Gazing at the stars
*Drinking a glass of wine
*Spending time with friends and family

9. List all the little things that happened today that brought you joy

*Seeing my best friend
*Eating ramen
*Shoe shopping (even though I didn't buy any)
*Taking a nap
*Homemade Chicken Fried Rice and Kimchi
*Seeing my man during his break (about a 20 mile drive)

24. List every color you can think of and what mood you associate with each color

*Red: anger..
*Pink: shy..embarrassed..
*Blue: calm.. cool.. collected..
*Yellow: nervous... antsy..
*White: peace, pure, clean...
*Green: energetic... active..
*Purple: pleasant.. satisfactory...
*Brown: earthy.. grounded..
*Black: darkness.. void... emptiness...
*Orange: stressed... confused..
*Grey: mellow.. down.. gloomy..

So... for green and orange I couldn't think of a mood so I decided to cheat and look online... for clues such as coding for mood rings and such.

28. List the projects you have been meaning to work on and finish

*Work out routine
*Art (painting, crafts, drawing...)
*Learn recipes
*Web Design
*Computer games...
*Walking Delilah

42. List the ways money cannot buy happiness

I thought this one would be easy but it's actually a lot harder than I thought...

*True love
*Real friends
*Happiness itself?

45. List the things, people, and experiences you want to say yes to

*Marry the man of my dreams
*Finding the perfect home
*To a life full of adventures

50. List some images that make you happy

Oh this one's easy peasy!

*Food in general...
*My partner
*Clothes Style
*Nail Designs
*Interior/Exterior Architecture

.. I'm basically listing off what I see most on my instagram! haha..

Okay, I'm pretty exhausted... too much thinking for one night. Good night world!

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