Sunday, October 16, 2016


So .. I was bored and went on Netflix to watch a movie.. and I ended up watching this one Korean movie called "Hope".

If you haven't heard of it, it's about a young girl who gets kidnapped, raped, and physically beaten... and I graduated in Psychology.. taken classes in family violence.. and mental disorders.. but it hurts each time to see such or hear such stories.. of children being abused in any kind of form.. i.e. mental, physical, sexual..

I've volunteered as well as worked in environments where it's mandatory to watch out for signs of abuse and neglect.. and luckily I don't think I have come close to reporting such case.

I myself.. have been a victim of child abuse as well other forms in my past time .. and it's not easy.

However, I have learned to erase most of those memories and cannot recall... 90% of what has happened to me.. only faint memories of some incidents..

I find myself thankful everyday that I am able to be healthy, try to live a normal life, and function with minimal trauma... and mental damage.

I knew the world was a mean and cruel place.. but it always hurts to hear such stories.. like why? Why does this happen? In the movie... the girl was so badly beaten and raped... that her large intestine was removed, had to surgically create an artificial anus using the small intestine... and it's just so painful..

On snapchat the other day... there was a clip about sex trafficking and that is another part of the world... I keep my prayers.. only if this world was safer and better... for children as well as adults.

Le sighs..

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