Saturday, November 5, 2016

Unconditional [Part 1].

Definition: not subject to any conditions

Let's think about those words and have it sink in.. deep into your mind.

Not ..

Subject ..

To ..

Any ..

Conditions ..

Now if I go onto Google and start by typing "unconditional", what would be the top 5 word pairings that would show up?

Let's give it a try.

Okay, that was fail.. I was hoping it would come more along the lines of:

--unconditional love
--unconditional support
--unconditional .. uh.. I'm running out of pairs.. maybe those are the top two..

The image above shows the word: agape.

Which means, unconditional love.

So with this all being said, what does unconditional mean to you?

When I think of the word unconditional. I think of a person who is willing to accept another person as they are, not what they have done in the past, present, or will do in the future but as a whole.

I have struggled to experience this unconditional love that is supposed to be the greatest feeling in the world. I looked in the wrong places, wrong people, and only ended hopeless.

Until the day I met my soulmate.

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