Sunday, February 12, 2017

At Last.

Tonight was one of the scariest moments I have faced in my life thus far.. and there couldn't have been a better way to end it either.

I have been driving for Uber/Lyft since November 2016 and lemme tell ya... so many damn pot holes in Portland. Wow.. who knew it was that bad? Speaking of pot holes, that's the very reason I was crying a river all alone and abandoned on the side of the freeway.

I used to not care about pot holes and be like "oops there it goes" and my sister would always complain how I don't avoid them. Fast foward to now, not only does my sister complain but my boyfriend has made a few comments regarding my disregard for avoiding pot holes. I can tell you.. after tonight, I have learned my lesson.

Well technically, I have been trying harder to avoid them and have gotten decent at dodging them but every now and then, those damn pot holes sneak up on me.

Like tonight.

I was driving at night, passenger in tow, on my way to drop him off and "BA DUNK!!!" And I'm like, "well that sounded painful". And the passenger agreed saying that one was bad.

A few minutes pass and I hear a weird noise coming from outside, praying that it wasn't my car. We ignored the sound as it slowly went away... dropped off the guy and I tried to find a well-lit parking lot to check my tire.

Well, what do you know.. my tire was going flat. Yikes... but that's fixable right?

... right??

I turn off my apps and find my way onto the freeway to get home as quickly and safely as possible knowing that I have a wonderful boyfriend who is skilled with his hands in fixing cars. Simple tire change shouldn't be too much of a hassle, right?

Literally 10 minutes onto the freeway, I start hearing a funny noise and become extremely paranoid that the one fear my mom has attached to my childhood was coming true.. 

(Rewind a bit: when I was younger, I would see shreds of tires on the side of the freeway and asked my mom how that happens. She told me the tire probably was damaged and it pops and shreds. I ask how would a person know it happens? She says it goes "POP!"

So as I hear a scraping noise, I quickly turned towards the shoulder of the freeway to check what happened. Now everything went slow-motion from this point on...

As I put my gear into park, I smell burning rubber... I look towards the right side of my windshield... and something crawls out the front .. as if it were tumbleweed... my tire had rolled off right before my eyes .. (about 15 feet).

At this point, I was freaking out and opened my car door and went to check it out, BOY HAVE I NEVER SEEN SOMETHING SO TRAUMATIC AS THIS! Especially on my new car... if it was my old car, I wouldn't be as upset.

My tire was bald... shredded... and just horrid to look at.

Not knowing what to do (my boyfriend was at work and he doesn't have his phone on him aside from break time, which wasn't for another hour), I immediately called his workplace and didn't have his extension number (which by the way, I have been asking him multiple times in case of an emergency, which I rarely ever have an emergency)... and the security guy on the phone says he is not 100% he can reach my boyfriend...

 I hang up and start panicking and cry my little eyeballs out in fear.

A few minutes go by and I get a call from his work, I muster up enough courage to answer hoping the security guy has contacted my boyfriend. I hear a familiar voice and start bawling some more trying to explain what happened as the whole scene replays in my head and nakes me cry even more.

I ask him to come and get me as I do not want to be alone and abandoned on the side of a freeway...
He says he will try and come as soon as possible. I wait and cry some more..

Finally I see the light, not that kind of light, I'm too young to see that "light".

He comes and comforts me. Tells me everything will be okay. He grabs the tools he need from the trunk of my car and switches out the spare tire. The day finally came where I have to use the ridiculous doughnut tire... how embarrassing. By the way, my old car doesn't even have a spare tire or tools to replace a tire... therefore it would have been a nightmare of a show calling a tow truck and the expenses that would bleed from my pockets.

He tells me he will be right behind me and to drive slowly... I start my car and drive as we both keep our emergency signals on... checking my mirror to see he is still behind me. My car kept wiggling as I tried to keep steady.. and finally made it home in one piece.

He came to my rescue. My darling prince charming came to rescue me. Now that's what I call happily ever after. Well it's only the beginning but, the most important part is: he came for me.

Thank you babe for being in my life <3

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